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Greek style Chicken in the oven

Marinated with garlic, lemon and oregano, accompanied with roasted potatoes & rosemary


Pork medallions with tomatoes & pinenuts

Roasted pork medallions with garlic, tomatoes, fresh parsley and pine nut salsa


Marinated Greek Leg of Lamb

Tender roasted leg of lamb,  seasoned by a mixed herb, black pepper, garlic rub, with potatoes, feta and roasted tomato


Baked Mediterranean Fish

Local fresh fish, stuffed with tomato, lemon and olives, drizzled with aromatic extra virgin olive oil



Oven baked layers of minced beef, aubergine & potatoes coated with a spice infused tomato & bechamel sauce

Traditional Corfiot Sofrito

Slices of beef braised in white wine, garlic & fresh parsley served with rice


Juicy & tender melt in the mouth beef with a slightly sweet intense tomato sauce with shallots.


Fresh bell peppers stuffed with rice, chopped tomatoes, minced beef and fresh herbs, served with

Greek style potatoes in the from the oven

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