Greek style Chicken in the oven

Marinated with garlic, lemon and oregano, accompanied with roasted potatoes


Caramalised Pork Tenderloin

Slow baked pork tenderloin and garlic, drizzled with orange, parsley and pine nut salsa


Marinated Greek Leg of Lamb

Tender roasted leg of lamb,  seasoned by a mixed herb, black pepper, garlic rub, with potatoes, feta and roasted tomato


Pasta Kalokairi

Pasta ribbons with a creamy sauce,  fresh spinach , tasty bacon, parmesan flakes and pine nuts

Baked Mediterranean Fish

Local fresh fish, stuffed with tomato, lemon and olives, drizzled with aromatic extra virgin olive oil



Oven baked layers of minced beef, aubergine & potatoes coated with a spice infused tomato & bechamel sauce